Gigs and Guffman

Last night I played with my brother and his best friend (thus comprising our band) at a party outside of an apartment complex. The party itself was fairly lame -- a DJ had set up a bunch of equipment, a couple other bands played before us and there weren't many people there. Most of the people that were there looked like your typical Provo partygoer -- dirty dancing, not overly dressed, etc. So I suppose that I can't say I'm surprised that our music didn't get much of a reaction out of them. We're just too mellow for such people -- they either want hip hop they can freak to or crappy punk they can mosh to. So when a band is, you know, playing actual MUSIC, they sort of don't know what to do. We had a guy come up and tell our guitarist that we needed to play something faster so the crowd had an excuse to dance. We basically ignored that request and went on with our set. It was sort of funny.

Having said that, I adore playing live in front of people, unappreciative as most of them were. And we sounded pretty good for not having practiced a lot. Dave and Clark wanted to make sure we kept a raw, unrehearsed sound, so we deliberately skimped on the practice time. Which was fine by me -- we're all good enough musicians that if anything goes wrong, we can fudge it fairly easily. Anyway, our set was fun; in addition to several originals, we played covers of a Ryan Adams song, a Neil Young song ("Cortez the Killer," and we brought our old friend Andrew back to solo on it, which rocked), and a Wilco song. All three of those came off surprisingly well. (The last time we tried to play the Wilco song, it fell apart miserably, but we had a lot of fun anyway. This time it held up and sounded pretty good.)

I really wish we could play more often. I know Dave's busy being married and all, and Clark's got stuff of his own to deal with (like his interminable will-they-won't-they relationship with his girlfriend who goes to Utah State), and it's not like I have oodles of time on my hands with nothing to do. But I really enjoy playing together, and I enjoy the music we write, and I wish more people could hear us and we could get some feedback on whether anyone really likes our sound or not. I have this gut feeling that we're just really good and nobody has noticed because the right people haven't been listening, because we don't play often enough.

Went swimming for the first time this year today. It was really nice to get in the water -- felt very good on a fairly hot day. It reminded me that I need to get a new swimsuit, though. Right now I have to make do with wearing garments under board shorts that I am currently waaaay too fat for. Fortunately I don't go swimming often enough for it to really matter. I'm sure it won't be the last time this summer, though, so that will probably be a purchase I'll have to make.

Tonight AJ and I renewed our little tradition of watching slightly obscure highbrow movies. On the menu tonight: Waiting For Guffman. My brother has said it's one of the funniest movies he's ever seen. I liked it a lot -- it's a mockumentary about a community theater production put on by a former New York director with delusions of grandeur. It has a very Napoleon Dynamite-ish humor -- the kind of thing you might not laugh at the first time, but which becomes extremely quotable on repeat viewings. We asked Julie to come over too, and we had root beer floats before watching the movie. (I'm sorry if you didn't like the movie, Julie -- you don't have to try to not hurt my feelings! I know you thought it was weird! Thanks for hanging out with us anyway!)

I spent the rest of the evening attempting to finish Mega Man 2. Everything was fine up until Dr. Wily himself -- I just kept getting rocked, and I was too tired to sit there and tough it out. I'll finish it tomorrow, I suppose. I really enjoyed the part where you beat the eight robot masters in succession, though. There's something so satisfying about beating a boss with the exact weapon that he's weak against. Makes me feel smart.

Because of my gig, I didn't see the basketball games yesterday. I wanted the Cavs and Mavs to close out their respective series, but both lost, forcing two Game 7s for tomorrow, followed by the Suns/Clippers Game 7 on Monday. Good times. I'm stoked. It's been sort of nice to follow these playoffs without having a particular rooting interest, since the Jazz are so terrible. I can just watch all the games and appreciate the high quality of play from all teams. (Although I would like to see the Suns move on. Have to be loyal to the Arizona boys.)

It's funny -- I haven't been on a date in several weeks. I kept myself fairly busy this weekend, but there still seemed to be something lacking. At the same time, though, I'm enjoying meeting and hanging out with girls but not necessarily pursuing them. I don't imagine I'll remain in this state for long, though. Soon enough, I'm sure someone will catch my eye enough to make me want to try a little harder. I'll let it happen when it happens, though.

I'm tired.

3 Response to Gigs and Guffman

  1. Shae says:

    Hey! Sorry I missed your show! Girls night commitments, and I had already blown them off this week, so it was mandatory! I'm sorry that you had a lame turn out, but I wish I could have seen you play. I like what you have played for me of your band, so let me know the next time you play!

  2. Les says:

    I think you should know...I love you! Have I ever told you that I have random moments of overwhelming love for specific individuals? Well, this one is yours! Soak in the love...
    I want to hear you play. I'm definitely going to come back in the middle of June. I don't know how long I'll be there. Maybe you can do a special jam session that I can sit in on.
    Thanks for the posts. Your last one was the catalyst for this love-explosion. Miss you!!

  3. jewels says:

    Ok, I will admit that I thought the movie was quite weird... but everyone needs to experience weird movies every once in a while. And you and AJ are my buds... it was fun hanging out with you guys, so thank you for inviting me! :)