Happiness is a new computer.

Which is what I most likely will have by Friday night. I've been scouring Craigslist, eBay and all sorts of online coupon/deal sites looking for a good price on a laptop. My desire for one stretches back to before I even got home from my mission. I knew I'd need one eventually, particularly because if I'm ever going to be a successful sportswriter (the fondest hope of my heart), I'll need to be able to take notes on games as they happen, and I loathe writing by hand. Plus, well, they're just cool.

The right deal seems to have fallen into my lap. Another BYU student is selling me his not-very-old Sony Vaio laptop for a very agreeable price, and he's even taking my desktop upon which I write these very words off my hands for me. Everything I've read online, all the customer reviews and everything, say that this is quite a nice laptop -- it probably retailed for $1600-$1800 less than six months ago. Nick's going to come down on Friday and check everything out for me, make sure there's no hiccups or technical snags. If all goes well, I'll have a lot more desk space and a lot more power come Friday night.

Add that to the opening night showing of X3 that I'll be hitting up, and it looks like I'll be having a very productive weekend. Now, if only girls liked me...

2 Response to Happiness is a new computer.

  1. jm says:

    Congratulations on your new little bundle of joy! I'm sorry I never got back to you about my own little iBook, but I forgot about it. Additionally, I decided that I'm not quite ready to abandon it or to give its care to someone else, even though I know you would care for it just like I would. Eventually I may like to upgrade but I don't think I've hit that time yet since I've only been with my iBook a year and three quarters.

  2. Shae says:

    Congrats on the laptop! That's great! Now if only I had the money for my Mac Powerbook, then life would be wonderful!
    Don't even venture to the "If only girls liked me" scenario. I really don't feel like being angry at you.