Lazy Monday

I'm not sure what I'll be doing today. On the one hand, it's really nice to just sit here and not do anything. I so rarely get days off from work (as in, NEVER) that it's very cool to be able to wake up at like 11 and just sit here, just being lazy, playing with my laptop, and listening to music (more on that in a sec). At the same time, though, I sort of miss having other people around, too. AJ and Jim are both in Salt Lake today doing things with family. I may end up doing something with family today, too, but for the moment I'm just sitting here not doing much of anything. And it's nice, but I can only take so much of it.

So, I REALLY love this music I'm listening to. I've gotten on this sort of folk-guitar kick, having purchased an album by a group called Iron & Wine, and now I'm really into a guy called Sufjan Stevens. Sufjan is way cool because of his use of different instruments -- he incorporates things as diverse as banjo, mandolin, trumpet and oboe (trust me, it works). His music is wildly ambitious -- he has published two albums about states in the USA (they're called Michigan and Illinois), and his goal is to make an album about every state in the country (though nobody's sure if he's serious about it, it's a cool goal anyway). Some of the Illinois album is definitely not for all listeners -- it can get a bit bizarre. But Michigan is just great chill folk tunage. Sort of like Jack Johnson minus the Hawaii vibe plus a healthy dose of back-woods bluegrass (and by the way, there's a HUGE difference between this and country, but that's a topic for another time). I definitely love Iron & Wine too. He does an awesome cover of the Postal Service song "Such Great Heights." Makes it sound completely different -- it's good stuff.

It's fully time I started dating again. Think I know who I'd like to ask out for this weekend too. We'll see.

One downside to my lappy -- it only has USB ports (and only two of those). I'm going to need to buy a USB hub with more ports, and also an adapter for my PS/2 mouse so I can use it in a USB port. It's either that or buy a wireless mouse. I'd prefer the little adapter, though -- just seems easier. Besides, I like my current mouse. The stupid thing is that they don't sell that little adapter thingy in any stores -- it's only two bucks online, but I can only buy it online. It's lame. Oh well.

The Suns lost last night. Just weren't shooting well enough, and the Mavs did a very good job of playing them physically and slowing the pace of the game down. I think the Suns really miss Raja Bell, since he's injured. I wish I had been around last year when he was playing for Jazz. More than that, I wish the Jazz had kept him. Well, I hope the Suns can hang in there without him, but I think the Mavs are getting their momentum back. I really don't think anyone can stop them.

I think that's about all for now. Time to stop being lazy and actually find something to do today. I need to go shopping, for one thing. We'll see after that. Kay bye.

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