The Miracle of Life

"We fear change."

The big news today is that one of my very best friends became a father. Alyssa Nicole Seegmiller was born earlier this afternoon, and I'm totally stoked for Nick and Janelle. (And for myself -- I can't wait to be a quasi-uncle to little Alyssa.) It's incredible to think that Nick is a father, and that I might be myself within a few years. Life just keeps moving forward, and things change. I don't think we really need to worry about that. No need to be like Garth. At least I don't think so. I really think that the best is yet to come, for all of us. I personally can't wait to see what's ahead for my life.

Work is becoming interesting. Junior, a guy from Venezuela, has just taken a job with Wells Fargo in Salt Lake and worked his last day today. The kid was hilarious, and not just because of his very thick accent (which I can imitate almost perfectly, so I guess he won't really be gone entirely). He was just a great guy, not afraid to say what was on his mind. I liked him. Anyway, he's not the only one to be quitting. My cool boss Liz will also be moving on soon. Meanwhile, we're training two new tellers, one of whom is catching on way fast. She's really fun and should be good to work with. The other is, well, odd. She's really quiet, except when she feels like talking, in which case she gets right up in your face. (I call her a "close-talker," a distant cousin of Seinfeld's "low-talker.") Oh, and she also seems to have chronic fatigue or something, or maybe she was just whacked up on meds today. But she barely stirred from her chair, and didn't make too much of an effort to learn anything new. It's just going to be a bit tough for the next little while, trying to deal with training new people, while my uptight boss Alana keeps getting more and more upset because people are quitting and she's just uptight anyway. Oh well. At least I still get to be on the Internet basically all day, and I'm making money, and not really having to deal with much else.

I talked a bit with a girl from high school this evening. She was in marching band, and she used to have a huge crush on my friend Chris, which was odd in and of itself. What made it even more odd was that she was a freshman and he was a senior. Didn't stop them from some serious confirmed likage. It ended quickly though. Anyway, I saw her one night at Comedy Sportz back in December, and she gave me her number and told me to call, but also said she was going to BYU-Idaho. So what was the point in that? I still have her number in my phone, but hadn't called. She Facebooked me earlier today and chided me for not calling. She's down from Idaho for the summer and wants to hang out. We may do something tomorrow if I feel like it. Kind of a weird situation, but we'll see.

I have no idea what exactly is going on with Ash and AJ, but AJ is moving back in for the spring, at least. I'm obviously very happy about this. It's been nice to have a break, to have a bit of time to myself for a while, but I miss talking to AJ every night before going to bed, and I miss being able to help him with his social dramas as he helps me with spiritual things. He's gotten to be my best friend, and it's always good to have best friends around. Anyway, after my marathon talk with Ashley last night, and a similar talk while watching the first part of the Lakers-Suns game with AJ tonight, I think they'll be giving things another try. I counselled AJ to be more decisive, but also to just let things happen as they will. It's a hard balance for them to strike, because AJ is what I call a "social chameleon" and likes to please everyone, sometimes at the expense of his own opinions and desires. Ashley, on the other hand, likes to be in charge and make decisions, and absolutely HAS to keep busy all the time. In some ways, it's a very odd match, but they're really good for each other when they're letting their love for each other drive them. I hope things turn out well.

Speaking of the Lakers and Suns, um, holy crap. Kobe finally went off like we all thought he would the whole series, dropping 50, but it didn't matter, as the Suns came out on top in overtime, thanks to a couple of Tim Thomas 3's, a monster slam from Matrix Marion, Steve "Severus Snape" Nash facilitating, and some sweet play from Brazilian Leandro Barbosa. Really, this series (and the whole first round in general) has been ridiculously entertaining. As much as I love March Madness (and I think that college sports often have more emotion and excitement), these playoffs have been incredible, and you can really see the difference in talent level and skill. March Madness is somewhat spastic and chaotic in its thrills; with the NBA, especially with Kobe, Nash, LeBron and Arenas, you get to see the very best in the world doing amazing things night in and night out. Crazy good.

What else... oh, I bought some new earphones. I have always preferred earphones to headphones, even though my ears sometimes get sore from wearing earphones too much. My pack-in iPod earphones were just about dead -- blown speakers, tape-repaired cord, dirty as all get out -- so I picked up some Philips virtual surround-sound earphones for $20 at Best Buy. Ohhh my gosh. No comparison. The sound is great. The fit isn't perfect, but I'm sure it will improve with time. The cord is longer and sturdier, and it comes with a wrap-up carrying case. Just a really quality purchase -- I'm rather proud of myself. Goodbye Sky Harbor is pouring through my ears even as I type. Good times.

I think we're done here.

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  1. Shae says:

    Tell Nick and Janelle congrats! That's really great! I'm happy for them!