Saturday is a special day

Not really, though, because nothing too special happened today. I think the most social thing I did today was had a few people over to watch the Suns absolutely dismantle the Lakers in Game 7. They won by 31 points. 31. In a Game 7. These things aren't supposed to happen. Of course, the Suns WERE the #2 seed, and finally played like it tonight. There were tons of Lakers fans around, of course, as there always seem to be, but they were appropriately subdued. I never understand why people jump on the bandwagon of popular teams like the Lakers or Yankees. Like one kid who was here watching tonight -- he's really cool and all, but he professed a preference for the Lakers, Yankees, and Duke basketball. That's like saying you root for Bill Gates, McDonalds, and Walmart. Apparently he's been supporting those teams since he was young, but it still smacks of bandwagon-ism. But I digress. Suns win, Steve Nash is your MVP, all is right with the world.

I hate my eye. Stupid eye. It goes all red these days when I try to wear my contacts. I wore my contacts last night for four hours, just four, and it flared up like nobody's business. It's not even that it's that painful or dry or anything, it's just... red. And I'm going to look like I've either been crying or drinking tomorrow in church. See if I ever wear my contacts for the benefit of a cute girl again. Meh, who am I kidding, of course I will.

Speaking of which, the motivation for wearing my contacts at all was that I had a date last night with a girl I used to know (a little) in high school. Boy, did she grow up. She lives out in Payson now, so I drove out there to pick her up and take her to see Mission Impossible 3. I'll get to that later (the movie review, I mean). I've decided I like longish car drives; it gives me time to think, to sing along with my iPod, and just to unwind. I totally didn't mind the 80 miles I put on my car driving her to and from her house and back again. Besides, it gave us a chance to talk and catch up on old times. She's matured a lot, she's funny, and I think we'll get along well. I'm excited to renew our friendship.

So, MI3. Well, to start off, I have to say that I never even bothered to see MI2 all the way through. Didn't interest me from the parts I saw of it. I LOVED the original Tom Cruise MI; I thought it had a nice twisty plot mixed in with the action and genuine suspense thrills (not the suspense of waiting to see what blows up next). So I didn't have really high expectations for the film, and I was pleasantly satisfied. You pays yer money and you gets yer explosions, but they're entertaining explosions. The plot has a little bit of a boost with the tension between Ethan Hunt's secret agent life and his fiance, but it's little more than the stick-and-carrot routine to lead us to the next action scene. I liked the movie, but not terribly. Would I recommend it? Yeah, if you're in the mood for action. I doubt I'll see it again in theaters. But I liked it.

I also finished Kingdom Hearts II today. Really enjoyed it, and the final movie was satisfying and provocative at the same time (I have no idea what the little bit at the end was implying, but it appeared to show millions of keyblades, and something called the Keyblade Wars... very confusing, but I suppose that's the point). I definitely want to play through the first game again. I think overall I may have liked the first one better, although combat was a chore in KHI and a joy in KHII. The plot and pacing were better in KHI, and it seemed like there was more room for exploration and secret-finding. I dunno. I'll have to play through it again to remind myself. But I was thoroughly satisfied with KHII. Now I'll have more time to hit up Guild Wars with Nick, assuming he isn't dead tired from dealing with his progeny.

In other news, AJ is back in the house. He's asleep in the other bed while I type on my blog late at night. All is right with the world.

3 Response to Saturday is a special day

  1. Justin says:

    One other minor complaint about M:i:III...the film's villain was really a bit of a letdown. If you've seen it, you'll know what I mean. Not much of a backbone, nary a memorable line, and in the end, not much of a threat...

  2. Theo says:

    Very true. "What's your name, what's your wife's name, I'm gonna find her, I'm gonna kill her, blah blah blah..." Rather lame.

  3. Shae says:

    That's sad. It makes me less excited to see the movie now... I hate lame villans!