Sports Night

Man, I just watched a lot of sports. I watched BYU's final home baseball game of the year, which we won 10-3. That was a lot of fun -- I dragged AJ out of the house with me, even though he was not feeling great (he just needs to get up and do stuff instead of moping around all the time) and we met up with Isaiah and two new girls from the ward, Brittany and Nicole. The girls are both way cute -- I talked to Nicole and Isaiah for a while about various different things. I feel a little bad because AJ and Brittany sort of got left out (they were sitting on the oustide ends of our row), but I suppose they would have joined in if they had wanted to. I know AJ didn't really want to, he just needed something to take his mind off things a bit, which I hope I accomplished. I'm very good at doing that; I could do with a bit more focus in my life. Ah well. Anyway, a good time was had by all.

(Side note: how does Isaiah do it? I swear he becomes best friends with every girl in the ward right away, and they all want to hang out with him. I'm perfectly willing to admit that he's a more attractive man that I am, but there's got to be more to it than that. Isaiah the Playa. End side note.)

Then I promptly came home and went straight up to Dash's apartment to watch the rest of the Suns-Clippers game. Score when I walked in the door: Suns up by 13 points. Score two minutes later: Suns up by 19 points. Score by the end of the 3rd quarter: Suns up by 8 points. And it only got worse. And better. And worse. And better again. Two overtimes, several boneheaded plays, and an amazingly clutch 3-pointer later, the Suns pulled out the win. Most fun I've had watching the end of a game since... well, last week, when the Suns did the same thing to the Lakers. I never thought I'd enjoy the NBA playoffs more than the NCAA basketball tournament, especially in a year when the Jazz aren't playing. But this year has been superb. I'm honestly planning my schedule around Suns games (as Nick knows all too well -- sorry dude). On Thursday I'm supposed to rehearse with my band for a gig we have on Friday (at Branbury Park Apartments, 449 W 1720 N, Provo, at around 8pm, if anyone's interested). Except the Suns play right during that time. Two of my absolute favorite activities. There's gotta be some way we can do both. Anyway, suffice it to say that I'm thoroughly enjoying the playoffs and sporting myself to death.

I'm getting sick of baby-sitting at work. We have to keep training new tellers and that puts all the workload on me as the senior teller. It's lame. Two other tellers left early today, leaving me to cover all their slack and the slack from the new people. Meanwhile, my boss is yelling at me that I misplaced $1,800 in cashed checks when I know very well I didn't. (Turns out that was an error on the part of our ever-vigilant bookkeeping staff. Always seems to happen to me. Bleh.) At least I have the internet and chatting with friends to keep me somewhat occupied.

I don't know that I have much else to write about right now. My relationship life is non-existent at the moment, but I sort of like it that way for now. I'm meeting a few new girls in the ward and laying some groundwork, hopefully. Lots of time for that. Everything else is going all right. Now if only I could get rid of my nagging cough and go up and see Nick's baby, all would be well in my little world.

(Proposal #1 for Operation Cough Removal: quit freaking staying up till 2am every night.)

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