Back again

... from the George of Saints, where I spent the weekend with my family. It was nice to take a couple days off from work and just chill. Sometimes family vacations become more stressful than everyday life, if they become too packed and full of things to do and a tight schedule has to be kept. Fortunately, this trip wasn't like that. In fact, aside from the abominable heat (I can't sleep at night if it's hot in the room) it was really great. We spent some time swimming, watching movies, playing games, and just generally enjoying one another's company. It was the last time that we'll really take a vacation together, since my sister will be in London by Wednesday and my brother and sister-in-law are headed to Purdue for graduate school.

I think I'm really going to miss them when they go -- not because I spend a lot of time with them (I don't really) but just because they won't be around now in case I do want to hang out. I love them both, and Jessica could not have fit in better with our family. I only wish that I can find such a perfect fit for myself someday. Still looking. I also think that my brother's best friend Clark is about to become better friends with me, as sort of a surrogate Dave while the real Dave is at Purdue. That's fine by me; Clark's a really funny guy and I'd love to hang out with him more, as long as it's for myself and not just as a replacement Dave. Maybe we'll get a more dedicated drummer and become rock stars.

I had a long talk/walk with Les tonight. She's convinced she's crazy. She's most definitely not. I know crazy when I see it, especially in light of recent events, and she is certainly not mentally unbalanced in any way. (I know she reads this -- I hope that reassures her.) We talked about a few different things, but we have very different opinions about certain things. She's very vehement about putting pressure on guys to take all the action in dating, initiate all the contact and do the asking out, because, according to her, there are "lots of girls who are SOOO cute who just sit at home lonely night after night because guys are stupid." To this, I would like to say: where in the hell ARE these girls?! And why are they not interested in me? We disagreed on this point, because I do just about everything I can to put myself out there, make myself available and ask girls out, and it hasn't done me a huge amount of good in the long run. She also said that guys should feel comfortable asking girls out and not be afraid that the girl will expect a relationship right away. From what I've seen, though, it's the guys who are willing to make commitments more than the girls, for the most part. I dunno. It's really good to have someone to argue and discuss these points with (so thanks Les, you're off friend probation, but don't push it -- you better stay in touch).

Don't even mention that atrocious Ghana match to me. That was NOT a penalty. We would have gone in tied at the half and destroyed them in the second half if not for that. Bollocks. Time to look forward to 2010 (the Cup will be held in South Africa! I'm so going). Now I'm focused on the Jazz getting a decent two-guard from the draft on Wednesday.

One roommate is moving back home for the summer tomorrow, so that's a plus. He and I have butted heads a bit -- not physically or anything serious, but we just have very different personalities and don't really mesh very well. He's a great guy, but I'm really looking forward to the different dynamic the apartment will have. The new guy who moved in tonight is called Rory -- I don't know much about him yet except that he's from Colorado, I think, and he's engaged (or will be later this week) and served in Romania on his mission and he's another bloody finance major (I think my apartment building spawns them). Seems like a nice enough guy, though. I just really hope our apartment doesn't become his makeout pad. Dammit, that living room is MY domain. Begone with your near-marital bliss and quasi-acceptable necking. Meh, maybe he's like Jim and hasn't even kissed the girl. I won't make snap judgments. But still...

The other new roommate won't move in until later this week. Apparently he's got a rockin' surround sound system. Maybe that'll make our place the new de facto movie-watching pad. (Nah, Darren's still got the projection screen. Besides, our TV doesn't have any of the proper inputs. I think the new guy might be rather disappointed when he sees what he has to work with. I hope it works out, though.)

I need Death Cab for Cutie tickets for August 8th. I need a date for the show too. I oughta get on that.

It's way late, but I'm not really tired. Which is weird, because I didn't really get copious amounts of sleep over the weekend. Meh. I'll give sleep a shot.

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