They're good. I like them.

Watching the Heat actually play well for once in this series against the Mavericks. No, I take that back -- they did play well at the beginning of Game 1. But they cooled off really fast in that game, and I sort of think they're going to do the same here. I don't see the Mavericks losing this series.

I think there's a storm coming in. That's good. I wish it would just pour. It rained a fair amount the other day, during the huge thunderstorm that knocked out my internet, but I want it to just unleash. Maybe it will cool off the weather a bit too.

I can't tell you how mad I am at the US soccer team. We sucked. Sucked hard. I don't have too much to say about it, because I was at work and unable (mercifully) to watch. Look, I know that the Czech Republic are a better team. The loss doesn't really bother me that badly. The 3-0 destruction that they gave us is what bothers me. It might get really important if there ends up being a tie and it comes down to goal differential. We just better play well against Italy on Saturday. (Of course, I'll miss that game too, because of work. I told my boss today -- even though I've told her before -- that I'm not going to be working at the bank during the fall, especially not on Saturdays so I can go to BYU football games, since I'll probably be writing about them for the newspaper. I thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown. I swear, that place is going to self-destruct without me. Okay, that's really arrogant. I'm a jerk. But it'll be hard on them for a while.)

I played Star Wars on my computer till 3am last night. And Nick and I are about to relieve a local guy of his entire game collection. I'm about to get about seven new computer games. Say goodbye to your social life, Layton. Oh, wait, that's right. I don't have one. Even better.

It's a bit weird not to have my roommate around. For one thing, the dishes get done a lot less (because my other roommate always uses them and never washes them -- that was something he used to do). Now I have to do them, when I didn't use any of them. That's frustrating. And I now can surf online or play games late at night on the lappy and not worry about keeping him awake at night. Not that I'd ever wake him up anyway -- dude slept like a dead man. Except when he would sit bolt-upright and start talking to me in Portuguese. I hope he's doing all right. The whole elder's quorum presidency and my other roommate went over on Sunday night to check up on him. I didn't go -- I didn't think it was really appropriate. I mean, we never hang out with our EQP, so why should they want to come hang out now? I bet it felt awkward, more like an intervention than a visit. Maybe I'm too cynical -- they certainly had the best of intentions. I just don't know that it helped to have five people go over to make sure he isn't going insane. Whatever.

Meanwhile, my other roommate is at his ex-girlfriend's brother's basketball game. With her entire family. Talk about awkward. He let slip today that he thinks she was pretty hurt by their break-up the other day. Seems to refute his claim that it was "mutual." Regardless, it's tough to hang out with your ex so quickly after you've broken up. You just have a lot of memories and things that are hard to bear, on both ends. It's tough. Well, best of luck to him. I'll hear about it later, I'm sure.

Mmmmm.... Cheez-Its......

3 Response to Cheez-Its

  1. jewels says:

    I agree... cheez-its are great. Cheese Nips, on the other hand, are completely disgusting. I had a bag the other day that came in this snack pack thing, and I ate one cracker and and had to toss the rest. I couldn't even finish the bag... they were that bad.

  2. jm says:

    yesterday I had a craving for cheez-its. too bad I was at work and couldn't get to my ginormous costco-sized box that I had in my pantry at home. it was sad. and I was bummed. maybe we should have a cheez-it appreciation day?

  3. Shae says:

    White Cheddar Cheez-Its are my favorite! They rule the universe!