Come Forth On July

So, it's the wee hours of the Fourth, and I'm chillin at my compy. I spent the evening with a buddy from the ward, playing copious amounts of FIFA '06. I suppose I could have been doing other things -- I know a bunch of friends from the ward were pulling an all-nighter out at the parade route, but that anti-interested me. I so rarely get days off, I plan to sleep as much as I possibly can. (Or rather, as much as my lousy mattress and sore back will allow. I find that the longer I sleep in, the more painful my back gets. I don't know if that's a result of sleeping on crappy mattresses for the past three years, including the mission. As soon as I get up and start moving around, everything's fine, but right when I roll out of bed... ouch.) Not to mention that I'd probably promptly get ignored once I got there. Just the way some people are.

Anyway, I don't know if my family has any big plans for tomorrow, but my plan consists of sleeping in as much as possible, basically ignoring the parade, maybe tidying up the apartment a bit (we're starting to get an ant problem), and watching the World Cup game at 12:30. I personally think Germany will win pretty easily. They're the home team and no opponent has really been able to slow down their attack. But if anyone can do it, it's Italy. We'll see. Should be a great match. After that, I assume my family will have some sort of barbecue, and we'll set off some obligatory fireworks, but I've sort of lost my enthusiasm for that too. I think you either need young kids or overly excitable friends to really get into that. And I don't really have a set of friends that I could really get into that with. So, I'll do whatever happens to tickle my fancy tomorrow.

So the whole deal with the girl I was going to go to Lagoon with fell through. There weren't that many people that ended up going, and she decided she'd rather go visit her grandparents in Spanish Fork. I didn't even end up seeing her that night. In fact, I haven't seen her since Friday. Oh well. She's hard to read. One night she'll call me out of the blue to come do something with her, and the next night she won't return my calls or texts. Then she singles me out specifically to come to Lagoon, then she decides she isn't going. Then she makes it a point to talk to me at church, then proceeds to ignore me for the next week. Not sure what she's looking for. I think she just wants to have friends to pal around for the moment. That's cool, I guess. Just not what I want at the moment. Meh.

Not too much else to talk about, really. I had rather a boring weekend. Oh, I did manage to reconnect with a very old semi-acquaintance. A friend introduced me to a message board a couple months ago, and I've now become something of a regular lurker there. It so happens that another denizen of said message board used to go to my middle school, and we had a couple of classes together. Apparently I gave him some grief for wearing a cross around school (he's not a member of the Church, and I'm sure it never occurred to me that such people could exist at age 12). Anyway, we realized who each other was and met up at Best Buy on Saturday. It was cool to talk with him and see how both of us have grown up in different ways. We're still very different people with somewhat different morals, but that didn't stop us from having really fun conversation and just chillin. I think I've become a much more open-minded person as I've grown up. By BYU standards, I'm positively liberal.

So, boring post. With the Fourth tomorrow, and the World Cup, and maybe some more interesting interactions with people, following posts may be better.

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