Are you on the list?

This blog post is brought to you by things that are on (and not on) my list of awesome. The title comes courtesy of one thing that is on the list: Heroes. It's my new favorite TV show, since Lost is getting more and more bizarre and Friday Night Lights has stooped to rehashing "Remember The Titans." (I still watch those shows, though. They're still better than most of what's on TV.)

Heroes takes a lot of what makes serial dramatic television like Lost interesting -- the intertwining plots, the unfinished questions, the ensemble cast -- and colors it all in a vibrant comic-book feel. (The NBC website for the show even includes online graphic novels with amazing illustrations. Nice touch.) The story arcs are much shorter than in Lost or 24, however -- three or four episodes resolve an issue and the characters move on to another mystery, all tied together by the main purpose of preventing a nuclear bomb from destroying New York City.

There are a few missteps (I hate the hitwoman with the split personality -- her parts are boring and predictable) but for the most part, it's an excellent, well-acted show for anyone who likes superheroes or serial television. Good stuff. (Oh yeah, forgot to say, the aforementioned title of this post comes from a storyline that follows a geneticist who has a list of all likely people with superpowers and tries to track them down. But he gets more than he bargained for when... well, watch the show.)

While I'm on the subject of television, I'm a big fan of the recent trend of replaying episodes of popular shows online the following day. I'm seldom able to see the show when it first airs, since I'm often working at the time. Having the show online, where I can watch it from the comfort of my laptop in my bed any time I want, is a big convenience. And honestly, I'd rather watch it where I can have my face close to the screen, with my headphones on, than on one of the not-so-awesome televisions in my house. Anyway, whoever thought up the idea of putting episodes online should be commended.

Watched "Little Miss Sunshine" yesterday. I liked it a lot, but wasn't absolutely blown away by it. I'm a big fan of the Fox Searchlight films, though, and the Focus Features studio too. They're break-offs of major studios who are more committed to making smaller budget, more independent films. And most of their stuff I really like -- things like Eternal Sunshine and The Motorcycle Diaries (which was amazing, I'd like to watch it again). Little Miss Sunshine was interesting and very well shot and acted, but not as funny as I would have liked it to be. The big scene at the end, where the little girl does a quasi-strip dance at her beauty pageant, isn't really all that funny -- it left me more wriggling in embarrassment than laughing. But I'm always like that with that sort of humor -- I just sit there cringing because I feel so bad for everyone involved. Maybe I'm too sensitive.

Along with being too sensitive, I'm too honest and open. I don't know how to play things safe. I don't know how to take it slow. I'm so intense in my interpersonal relationships sometimes. This weekend I sort of forced myself to take a step back, and while it was really hard for me, I think it did me a lot of good. I think I just don't like being messed around with. I make up my mind pretty quickly (for better or worse) and I sort of expect everyone to be the same way, not realizing that it doesn't always work that way. I accept that people (let's be honest: girls) need time to figure out what they actually want. I just wish I knew that's what it was, instead of driving myself crazy trying to figure out what I could do better, or if I did anything wrong. Nine times out of ten whatever the issue is has nothing to do with me, but I can't seem to figure that out at the time.

It's kind of ironic, really. I know very few people who are as laid-back as I am, if by laid-back you mean chill, lazy, easy-going, doesn't get upset easily, is pretty much happy doing whatever, doesn't stress about work or school, etc. But I am anti-laid-back when it comes to friendships and interpersonal relationships. I freak out easily. I want every conversation to be super meaningful and important. As much as I know how to take it easy when I'm by myself, I can't seem to do the same with girls I'm interested in or friends I want to make into closer friends. I dunno. I'm weird. Moving on...

I still love Death Cab For Cutie, which I'm listening to right now, but I've been grooving on some other things, including Seve Vs. Evan (a local band that does what they call "Nintendo-rock," which means synth, drums and vocals and that's it), Foo Fighters (their acoustic album "Skin & Bones" is amazing), and somewhat surprisingly, Eminem (my workout music -- gets me nice and pissed off). Some other new finds lately: The Slip (indie band from Boston who I heard about from Guitar Hero, of all places) and The Films (thanks for the assist on that one, Claire). Good stuff all around.

So, the Jazz had two All-Stars this year, and it very easily could have been three (Boozer, Memo, and Deron Williams, my new favorite player). Which is crazy. I'm really proud of the Jazz. They weathered a mid-season drought where they played right around .500 ball, and they blew into the All-Star break on the six-game winning streak, all without Boozer (who got injured, AGAIN). I don't think we have a shot at a title this year, but we can definitely win a playoff series, and if we get Phoenix in the second round, we could win that one too -- we match up very well against Phoenix (as evidenced by the fact that we've beaten them three straight times this season). I hope we can keep up the pace.

Okay, I've lost my train of thought now, so we're done here.

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