The day the music died

So I'm coming out of the BYU library last night after doing some homework. I get out my iPod as I walk to the car. I try to play some tunes. The iPod freezes. I reboot it. I try to play the same song. It freezes again. I reboot it. I try to play a different song. It works, but something's wrong -- it won't change tracks quickly and has some hiccups in bringing up the track time.

I figure I should probably restore it to factory settings and just put the music back on afterwards, since I had wanted to do some shifting of what was on it (I only have a 4GB iPod mini and obviously have a ton more music than 4GB on my computer). So I restore it, then start putting stuff back onto it. After putting about .5GB of stuff on, my computer freezes. I reboot the computer, wipe the iPod again, and start over. Again, after a fraction of a GB, it kills the compy again. By now it's nearly 2am and I have class in the morning so I give up.

This is the first trouble I've ever, ever had with my iPod. I'm going to take it to get looked at after this class. I really hope that whatever is wrong with it will be cheap to fix. My greatest fear is that the repair shop will tell me it would cost $100+ to fix it and I would be better served to just buy a Nano or something. I love my mini. It's been my best friend for the past two years.

I'm scared.

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