A letter

To whichever females it may concern:

Please do not hide the way you really feel because you're "afraid of hurting his feelings." Be honest, always. It will save everyone a lot of trouble in the end.

I will never hold it against you if you are honest with me. I will respect you more for respecting me and caring about me enough to tell me the truth up front. You can tell me no if I ask you out. You can tell me you're not interested. I've been rejected before. You're not the first, and you won't be the last. I can take it. And I will have a higher opinion of you for your candor.

If, on the other hand, you insist on letting me get the wrong impression, and letting me keep that impression, because you're too chicken to say how you really feel, I will be more angry. It will make things worse. It will always make things worse.

Also, do not tell me how "nice" or "sweet" I am. I know I am these things. I am tired of hearing about them. I am especially tired of hearing about them from girls who have just rejected me. They do not soften the blow.

Don't make me drag your real feelings out of you. Say what you mean. I promise I will do the same. It will be the best thing for everyone.

Thank you for your time.

(By the way, if anyone who knows anything about karma is reading this: when do I start getting a dividend for my tireless, exhaustive kindness and service to every living creature on the planet? Isn't that supposed to start bringing some good vibrations my way? Can I get a ruling on this? Because, even though I love being kind, and it's the way I'm built, and I wouldn't change it for anything, I sure would like to see some people returning the favor in my life.)

2 Response to A letter

  1. Low Gain says:

    it is for these very reasons that I love and admire you my friend. Hear hear!! Girls can bite me!

  2. :) You will get some good vibrations coming your way, I'm sure of it.

    You know what I'm sick of hearing. this:

    "So, are you dating anyone? No, well, THAT'S OKAY."

    Umm...thanks for reasuring me that it's okay that I'm not dating anyone. Because you, strange person from my home ward who I haven't seen in 6 years, is the opinion I care most about and I am so grateful that you, who know nothing about me, have just told me that it's okay I'm single. I feel much better now.