I've been in another world for a long time.

There's a lot of things I can stand. And a couple things I can't.

I'm only too aware of my faults. Boy, am I.

Some of them I can change, and I'm working on those.

Some of them I can't change, and I accept those as part of who I am, and make peace with myself, secure in the knowledge that I have other qualities that compensate.

(Some of them I can change, but I lack the courage or strength or willpower or desire or motivation to do anything about it. So I keep them around as a ready excuse, in case anyone ever asks; I can point to them and say, "See, that's why, and I'll do something about them someday, and then everything will be great." They're my crutch.)

(That's another post for another day.)


Here's the thing: I know I have strengths, too. I'm good at lots of things. And I'm not just talking about skills like playing the piano or quoting lines from movies (or writing obscure cathartic late-night missives that no one understands but me). I'm talking about qualities, traits of personality, things about Me that are Mine, that are Good.

There have been times in my life where I was more sure of that, and times when I was less sure. But by now I'm pretty confident in the qualities I have. And in the shadows I don't have.

So when someone takes those very qualities -- things that I've spent a lifetime cultivating, things that I use to buoy myself up when I remember all those faults, things that I remember when I get two flat tires in a week and another late night at the office and another meeting in the morning that I'm not getting paid for and a cold that won't go away -- when someone, someone I care about, takes those qualities and accuses me of not having them, of being the thing I always hated and tried with all my heart not to be, and then runs away, shuts down, prevents me from doing anything to prove that someone wrong, to show that I'm not That Guy...

I can't take that.


And yeah, I know it's not really my fault (and I can't help but think of Matt Damon bawling his eyes out on Robin Williams' shoulder when I say that, even though the comparison is silly and the difference in degrees is gargantuan). But it sure feels like it is. It's all my fault. When the chips were down and someone needed me most and I had the perfect opportunity to utilize 26 years' worth of compassion and empathy and love, to utilize Myself in the way that only I can... I blew it.

And I think, maybe I never had it in the first place. And that absolutely kills me.


 I don't truly believe what I just wrote there.

But tonight I do.

3 Response to I've been in another world for a long time.

  1. Andy says:

    I finally came to the conclusion that anyone that doesn't appreciate me can fuck themselves. Like the High Fidelity reference you slipped in there (oh yes, I caught it like it was the common cold), someone accusing you of something that is so contrary to not only your behavior but your very nature is either completely offensive in how audaciously inaccurate it is, or absolutely hilarious in how off-the-mark it is. For further reading, see The Story Of My Engagement Last Year. I'll have to tell you the story sometime.

    Regardless, stay strong, brother. There are enough good people out there that it's just a matter of odds before you're surrounded by them.

    You're a good dude. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Eliza says:

    you're a good guy. I'm not sure what happened but sometimes I feel the same way. Not exactly because I'm not you but in my own way.

    Like this guy once broke up with me and told me I wasn't very sweet. I'll be honest, I was hurt.

  3. The problem isn't with you, but with their level of perception. They can't see your qualities because they are selfish and care only about themselves. Hell with 'em...