blue july.

I left home in a rainstorm
one I've needed for a while
to wash away these sunny days
and let me hide my smile
So I put on my jacket
and I slipped into my shoes
the dark gray clouds I praised aloud
for giving me the blues

This morning I was lied to
by someone I'd never met
and even though I let it go
I can't seem to forget
'cause I can't help my nature
wouldn't try to if I could
In rain or sun, I'll be the one
don't matter if I should

I hit the highway late tonight
and met the open road
the music played, and Lord, how I prayed
as the moon above me glowed
when suddenly before me
I saw the sweetest sight
two lovers there in the summer air
were kissing their goodnight

I couldn't keep from smiling
though sharp and true the pain
it's been so long since I felt that strong
but I'll feel that way again
and I can keep on waiting
'cause I got nothing to lose
and darling, I will thank July
for giving me the blues

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